The Future Belongs to the DJs

I’m currently in Ibiza where Martin Garrix (my favourite DJ) is playing his summer residency at Ushuaïa – and it got me thinking.

We often think the best storytellers have slaved for months or years to create an original story. Many of us don’t attempt to [write/post/publish/broadcast] stories because we either think it’s too difficult or we worry that someone else will expose us for creating a story that someone has already told.

But the truth is there are hardly any new stories under the sun. And hardly any of us are truly creative. (I mean REALLY creative). So what if we all got less hung up on being “creative” and we all started to “curate” more stories instead.

You know. Like a DJ.

Or Steve Jobs. Or Greta Thunberg. Or Bob Dylan.

I shared a few thoughts in a short lecture recently about the power of curating content instead of creating it.

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