The best combination is a good human plus a machine“. Garry Kasparov


Garry Kasparov shared those words with me a while ago and it remains one of my favourite quotes. I work at IBM because we have a lot of good humans working with some very clever machines to try and make the world work a little bit better. I work with sustainable brands, energy and utility companies, so I will occasionally post here projects I’m working on or emerging technologies and case studiers which I think you may be interested in. (No sales pitches I promise).




  • 3,000+ research scientists
  • IBMs research budget is around $6Bn a year
  • Over 110,000 patents registered to date (that’s about 1 every hour!)
  • More patents registered than any other company for the last 26 years
  • In 2018, 1,600 patents were in AI, 2,000+ for cloud and 1,400 in cyber-security
  • Our research scientists have won 6 Nobel Prizes
  • The main IBM Research site is here.
  • Follow research as it happens by following @IBMResearch on Twitter