“You can change the world just by sharing your story”.


In 2018, those ten words inspired me to create a podcast. I was getting bored of seeing bumper sticker quotes and motivational slogans all over Instagram,. Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook. It’s not that the quotes themselves are inherently bad, it’s just that there’s never any context to them. I wanted to know the background to the quotes. What was the story behind them? And is there anything useful there that might inspire me beyond those few eloquent words.




I decided to start a podcast featuring people who I love and respect. Some I have worked with. Some I have interviewed. Others I just quote shamelessly in my presentations. But whoever they are, they all have one thing in common, they have all changed the world in some way with their words. And they are often known for one or two short quotes. Often ten words long. So if you fancy a bit of light entertainment and inspiration on your commute, or are just looking for some smart people to inspire you, this might be just the thing. It’s a show about big ideas, small words and short sentences.


Chris Hadfield might help you to simplify complexity and learn new things faster. Vivienne Westwood may make you see that books are more important than clothes. Maya Angelou talks about the power of words, Obama talks about how to run a campaign and J.K. Rowling tells you how to write better stories. Tony Robbins and Dave Brailsford may rub you up the wrong way, but they’ll certainly push you to aim higher. Brene Brown, Taylor Swift, Jerry Seinfeld, Greta Thunberg, Aaron Sorkin, David Attenborough, Garry Kasparov… There’s something for everyone.


So whether you are a climate change activist, a business professional or a politician wanting to change things, or simply a good human who enjoys a great story, I created this show to help you to tell better stories.



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