Communications Thinking™

I’ve just launched the Wild Ducks Communications Thinking™ Masterclass!!! This is the most exciting thing I’ve ever built but it’s been a LOT of hard work. I have ADHD which can be challenging in itself, but by taking a year off social media I was able to focus and build something which I hope thousands of people will benefit from.

At the moment this global programme is only available to IBM employees (come join us?) but I’ll be hosting some open events soon where you learn the art and science of purpose-driven storytelling.

Huge thanks to the IBM team including Nancy Kramer Christian Dick Dominique Dubois Molly Vannucci Tracey Gilbert Debbie Vavangas who helped to make this happen and special thanks to Matthew Candy and Dan Bailey for inspiring me to invent Communications Thinking™ in the first place.

It’s amazing what you can do when you stop doom-scrolling and put your mind to building something useful…

* Apologies in advance for the slightly cheesy and dramatic promo video 😉