A Love Story About the Renewable Energy Revolution?

In 2013 Theo Badashi decided that he wanted to do something to raise awareness about climate change. But unlike most people who think that their (small) actions won’t have any impact upon the climate crisis, Theo thought that one voice (with a good story) could make a huge difference. Troubled by how global warming and extreme climate changes were accelerating economic instability, he decided to set up on Indiegogo campaign to see if he could crowd-fund enough money to make a film about the issues.


The pitch?


To create a film which would be “a love story about the renewable energy revolution“.



For £399 you could receive an Associate Producer credit or for £799 could could be named as an Executive Producer. 11 people took Theo up on his offer and the film was made. He raised £18,06 from 235 backers in total and created what is a really great documentary.


I just watched it on Amazon Prime and I highly recommend it. I love it not just for the content and the love story which it delivers, but because it epitomises that old cliche that a small group of thoughtful and committed citizens really can change the world.


Screenshot 2019-07-06 at 16.25.31