Top 66 Climate Change Accounts to Follow on Twitter

Here are some key people and organisations you should be following on Twitter if you’re interested in climate change and the environment. To make things easy for you, I put them all into a Twitter list that you can follow here. (Best viewed in tweetdeck or your social listening platform of choice).


  1. Global Action Plan – Lots of interaction and climate campaigning from this UK-based environmental charity.
  2. Greenpeace – Climate change news and campaigns, plus big business in the spotlight.
  3. WWF_Climate – Climate-specific wildlife news and aggregation.
  4. Friends of the Earth – Busy and popular feed with links to climate news reports, campaigns and topical comment.
  5. Al Gore – Climate-centric tweets from the most-followed climate activist on Twitter.
  6. Greta Thunberg – She’s 16, Swedish, and is making more noise (and gaining more interest) than most of the accounts on this list combined). Believes if you want to change the world you need to break the rules.
  7. Extinction Rebellion – A loving community of informed activists who campaign for Non-violent direct action and civil disobedience about the climate crisis.
  8. Caroline Lucas – Not content with being the first green MP in England, Lucas also tweets her movements and chats frequently on her Twitter account.
  9. United States Environmental Protection Agency – Links and news from the main Twitter account of the US government department responsible for the environment.
  10. Department of Energy and Climate Change – News and a commendably high level of interaction from the UK government department responsible for climate change policy.
  11. Jay Inslee – Ran for President of the US to defeat climate change.
  12. The Ecologist – News, aggregation and more from the Twitter account of the long-running UK magazine.
  13. James Murray – Climate news and re-tweets for a business audience, from the editor of BusinessGreen.
  14. Andy Rekvin – Thoughts and news from the New York Times columnist and environment author.
  15. The Climate Desk – Independent journalistic collaboration on the impact of climate change.
  16. Arcticsurvey – Arctic humour, climate science updates and multimedia aplenty from the Catlin Arctic survey in the North Pole.
  17. UNEPandYou – Surprisingly lively and wide-ranging account featuring climate stories and official UN news.
  18. worldresources – Expert Q&As, analysis and useful aggregation on climate change policy, economics and science.
  19. Hopenhagen – Tweets aggregating a diverse international spread of climate content, from a campaign group born out of the 2009 Copenhagen climate conference.
  20. BraveNewClimate – Thoughts from a climate science professor on nuclear power, energy and climate politics in Australia.
  21. Climate Progress – Thoughts and re-tweets on climate science and politics.
  22. Grist – News and retweets by this US-centric green news and comment blog.
  23. TreeHugger – Chat and thoughtful tweets from the grandaddy of the green blogosphere.
  24. Kate Sheppard – A prolific US blogger at Mother Jones who re-tweets interesting content on energy and climate change.
  25. Michael E. Mann – Climate Scientist, Professor and Director of the Penn State ESSC; Author of Dire PredictionsThe Hockey Stick & the Climate Wars, and The Madhouse Effect.
  26. Dr. Anya E. Johnson – Marine biologist, founder/CEO @OceanCollectiv, Brooklyn native. Madly in love with our planet and solutions for the climate crisis.
  27. Marshall Shepherd – Atmospheric Sciences Professor, Fmr AMS Prez/NASA scientist, Host, Weather Geeks, Alpha, 3x FSU Alum, Forbes Contributor, Tweets just mine. RT not endorsement
  28. Katharine Hayhoe – Not suspicious, just Canadian. Climate scientist, @TTUCSC director, poli sci prof, knitter, pastor’s wife, mom. TIME100 + Fortune50. First in line for cloning.
  29. Ester Ngumbi – University of Illinois @Urbana-Champaign, PhD Entomology, Activist, AAUWAlumna, FoodSecurity, OYESKAGREENS
  30. Ed Hawkins – Climate scientist at University of Reading | Creator of climate spirals & warming stripes | IPCC AR6 Lead Author | Leads| Views own
  31. Astrid Caldas – Climate Scientist @UCSUSA. Thirsty for knowledge and a broader understanding of all things climate change. Opinions and snarkiness are my own.
  32. Daniel Gebregiorgis – Interested in the evolution of Earth’s climate: past-present-future. Postdoc @GeorgiaStateU. From – 9°00’30.3N 38°47’45.2E
  33. Cara Augustenborg – Environmental Scientist @UCDEnvPolicy Fellow; Chair @FoEEurope; Adviser @EPAIreland; #DownToEarth @IvanYatesNT @NewstalkFM @ClimateReality Leader
  34. Prakash Kashwan – Prof. @UConn | @SPEAIUB PhD | Book: Democracy in the Woods| Climate Governance & Justice; Env. Policy & Politics; Int. Development
  35. Kim Cobb – 40% Climate Scientist, 40% Mom, and 20% Indiana Jones. Unapologetically obsessed with carbon. Director, . She/her
  36. Mark Brandon – Polar Oceanography Prof at the @OpenUniversity. Londoner. Proud to have worked with the BBC on #FrozenPlanet, #BluePlanet2 & others. Heart always in the ice
  37. Dr. Jacquelyn Gill – Ice Age ecologist in a warming world. Professor @UMaine. Co-host of @ourwarmregards. Like Dana Scully, with mud and mammoths.
  38. Antti Lipponen – Research scientist at Finnish Meteorological Institute (@IlmaTiede). #Satellite images, #aerosols, #climate, #remotesensing, #dataviz, etc. Opinions are my own.
  39. Twilia Moon – Cryosphere, climate, #scicomm. Scientist at National Snow and Ice Data Center, University of Colorado. Co-Founder/Co-Director of Wheelhouse Institute.
  40. Earth Institute – Climate debate and news from Columbia University’s climate science department.
  41. Tyndall Centre for Climate Research – Useful links from one of the world’s leading climate research centres
  42. Met Office – News on climate change and weather from the UK Met Office.
  43. Climate Central – Newsy aggregation of anything climate-related by a non-profit group of climate scientists.
  44. Eric Pooley – Author of The Climate War – tweets regularly about the fight in the US to keep climate change on the political agenda.
  45. Bill McKibben – Commentary and an insight into the life of author and the founder of climate campaign.
  46. Polly Higgins – Regular tweets from a campaigner and lawyer pushing for a new “ecocide” law that would declare the mass destruction of ecosystems a crime on a par with genocide.
  47. Franny Armstrong – Newsy tweets and links from the founder of the 10:10 climate campaign and the director of The Age of Stupid climate documentary.
  48. Kevin Grandia – Campaigner and blogger who puts climate change lobbying under the microscope.
  49. – The lively account of Bill McKibben’s global campaign to get CO2 down to 350 parts per million in the atmosphere.
  50. 10:10 – UK group campaigning to reduce carbon emissions by 10% in 2010. Lots of carbon-cutting tweets.
  51. TckTckTck – Campaigning for a legally binding global climate deal, the Twitter account for this coalition is a good source of links on climate negotiations.
  52. Plane Stupid – Opinion and links from the direct action campaign group against airport expansion.
  53. One Climate – Retweets aplenty and news on climate change from this social networking site.
  54. Climate Camp – Often the first stop for breaking news about direct action on climate change.
  55. Energy Action coalition – Tweets from a coalition of youth groups campaigning on clean energy.
  56. The Climate Group – Business-minded climate news and aggregation from this alliance of politicians and business leaders.
  57. People and Planet – Actions and campaign news from the UK’s largest student environment group.
  58.  The Daily Green – Green consumer tips and news from this long-running US-based site.
  59. Energy Saving Trust – Useful impartial energy-saving advice from this non-profit, funded by government and the private sector.
  60. Do the Green Thing – Fun videos and virals spurring action on climate change.
  61. Good Guide – Advice on the products with the smallest environmental impact.
  62. CTC – Tweets from the campaign group representing one of the lowest-carbon forms of transport: cycling.


And a few voices from the other side of the climate debate …

  • Climate Change Facts – Tweets from Dr John Everett, climate sceptic and a researcher and manager in fisheries and ocean programmes.
  • James Delingpole – News and chat from polemical UK blogger for the Telegraph, Express and other titles.
  • The Climate Realists – The account of a blog that believes solar variation is the reason the climate is changing. Provides a feast of links to more climate scepticism
  • Senator Jim Inhofe – Tweets from the press office of the Republican senator and vocal climate change sceptic.