“You can change the world just by sharing your story”.


Just over a year ago I started a podcast called Ten Words. It’s a show about big ideas, small words and short sentences and this episode focuses on what inspired me to change my career path and focus on sustainable energy and climate change. I recorded it in June 2019 and refer back to some of the previous years episodes which inspired me to focus my passion, creativity and career in this area.


“It’s really important to remind ourselves that impossible things happen”. Cmdr. Chris Hadfield


This episode features quotes from Ellen, Jerry Seinfeld, Dita von Teese, Seth Godin, The West Wing, Taylor Swift and others, who have all re-invented themselves at some point in pursuit of a more meaningful life. It’s one of the only episodes where I talk about myself, so I hope you find it interesting and maybe even take some inspiration from the quotes and stories that I share. After all, you can change the world just by sharing your story.

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