We all understand how important EMPATHY is in the workplace, but sometimes what we actually need is “TACTICAL EMPATHY”. It’s a technique rarely mentioned in business that the FBI use to negotiate in mission critical environments, especially when urgent action is needed to resolve a situation.

Having empathy builds relationships and shows that you care about the same things, but what about when the other side is being unreasonable or irrational? That’s where using tactical empathy comes in. It helps to understand how the other side thinks and feels, even when you DON’T like or agree with them.

Tactical empathy is NOT about having compassion or showing sympathy, it’s about seeing things from their point of view in order to achieve a positive outcome for both sides. It’s the tactical application of emotional intelligence to accelerate change (something we desperately need in business in 2021).

My notes here were taken from Chris Voss (FBI Chief Hostage Negotiator) in his book ‘Never Split The Difference’ and his lessons on Masterclass. I find that it helps to learn new techniques and behaviours like this by drawing them as one-pagers.

It’s amazing how quickly you can learn and process new ideas, when you slow your brain down by writing things down and colouring them in.