Keynote Analysis: Dario Gil

Sometimes when you hear a great keynote, you know it was good but you don’t know why. In this (very-rough-and-spontaneous) presentation I take a deep dive into why one particular keynote was so good.


It’s a keynote about The Future of Quantum Computing – which should be heavy, dull and technical, but was made incredibly engaging and exciting by Dario Gil, IBM’s director of Research. Quantum Computing could provide all kinds of solutions to some of the world’s biggest problems, especially around climate change, so without the analysis this talk is well worth 28 minutes of your time.


But I thought it might also be fun to record some thoughts about what made it such a good talk and perhaps provide some practical tips and advice that might just help you to be a better presenter as well. I recorded a short exec summary of about 12 minutes, but here’s the full version of over an hour.