How I Make Sense of My Thoughts


It’s almost the end of the year and the end of my notebook. I love my notebooks and I write a lot in them. But I don’t write things down to remember them later, I write things down to remember them now. The act of writing everything long hand, colouring in a box, scribbling an idea or cutting and sticking pictures in, for me, is a great way of slowing my brain down enough to think more deeply about what I am writing about.


Seth Godin once said that “Everyone should write a book ,but not everyone should publish one!“.


What he was actually saying was that the act of writing, drawing and scrapbooking is a great way to build your own point of view and make sense of everything you have learned. That’s why I take a few hours each week to hide in a room with a good bourbon, just to think and write. Those few hours (or minutes when I’m really busy) are often the highlight of my week…


A few of my notebooks on Instagram: Notebooks and Bourbon

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